I’m one of those people who see home birth as my only option. My sister and I were born at home and my Mom instilled in us from a young age that birth is not an illness, and that the medical profession in this country wasn’t in the habit of treating this natural process with the respect and support that it deserves.

My sisters and I not only grew up planning to have all of our children at home, but every one of us has and I think still does dream of becoming midwives ourselves. My older sister has had all six of her daughters at home - the last of which she actually delivered on her own - and I have had my 2 daughters, Hafsah and Maryam, at home with Sybille attending my births.

Both of my experiences I must say were wonderful, I left them feeling that natural birth is do-able. I thank God for that, and for giving me not just a midwife to help me during these special events in my and my family’s lives, but a friend in Sybille.

At first I thought it was odd how she kept in touch with me after my first daughter was born, e-mailing me from time to time, and coming to visit us whenever we were on Nantucket visiting my in-laws. I think this was because I looked at what Sybille did as a midwife like a job. Or because I’m not used to “small town life” and the way people interact when not living in these crowded cities like I grew up in.

Well, when I became pregnant with my second child I emailed Sybille saying in so many words: “oh and by the way, I’m pregnant again and I’m going to try and find a midwife in my area.” Her response was very touching and unexpected. She expressed her disappointment that I was to begin searching for another midwife. She told me she would really like to be at my birth, and that if my desire to find a new midwife was solely because I thought it would be too difficult for her to travel to me that she sees no reason why it can’t be done. Boy did I feel special, and realized that it wasn’t just a job for Sybille but maybe a broadening of her heart and her family with every birth. I am very grateful to have such a caring and dedicated midwife, inspiring me to do more than just dream.