Going into my third pregnancy I knew that I wanted an entirely different birthing experience. Our first two children were born in the hospital, and although these events were mostly positive, I could not envision myself having our next child in the same setting and under the same circumstances. After researching a few options and after talking to mothers who had homebirths here on Nantucket, I discovered that a homebirth was exactly the experience I was seeking and I became excited about the thought of delivering our child in the comforts of our own home surrounded by family.

From the moment I met Sybille, I felt an immediate connection to her and felt very comfortable in her presence. Seeing how vastly experienced and extremely passionate she is about midwifery made me feel like I was in the best of hands.  Her pre-natal appointments were thorough and comprehensive and both Sybille and her assistant Alice would go the extra mile to make
sure that I was feeling confident and positive about my pregnancy, and my impending labor and delivery.  Through the months that we worked together, we created a strong partnership and I learned tremendously from Sybille.  

My labor started on the evening of a full moon just after we had tucked our children into bed for the night.  It was so relaxing knowing that we did not have to rush off to the hospital and that we did not have to call a friend in to watch our children while we were away.  Being able to stay in our own home allowed me to create the environment that felt right for me and it also brought less distractions and interruptions.  I was able to focus more clearly and thus do what came most naturally to me.  It was also really nice to be able to walk about and to move around during contractions which I was not able to do during most of my first two labors.  

My partner Tommy, my mother Mary, Sybille and Alice were my unrelenting support team and were there during the tough moments to center me and to guide me through. I felt completely safe and comfortable in their presence and this allowed me to relax and to let go more easily and effectively. My labor lasted less than 5 hours and I believe things unfolded much quicker and much more naturally because I was in such a soothing atmosphere with the perfect company around me.

As I approached the end of my labor I stepped into a birthing tub. The moment I began to soak my body, I felt even more relaxed and my pain became
less intense from the warmth of the water. My mother was there holding me and encouraging me while Tommy massaged my lower back and put cold washcloths on the back of my neck and forehead. Sybille and Alice were close by to monitor me as necessary and were extremely supportive.  After an exhaustive hour in the tub, our son was born.  Holding him in the water seconds after the delivery was an extremely emotional experience and we bonded immediately.

After our birth, Sybille and Alice thoroughly examined us to make sure that we were both strong and healthy.  And after everything was cleaned up and after making sure that I was feeling comfortable and confident in my new role, they left us alone to connect as a family throughout the rest of the night.  Waking up the next morning with our son in my arms in our own home was amazing and it was great being able to bring our children downstairs after they awoke to meet their new brother.  

Our homebirth experience was only two months ago and it still seems very surreal to me. I could not have had a more positive birthing experience and it is so wonderful looking back at those entire 9+ months feeling so blown away by everything that happened. Sybille was not only an amazing midwife but an amazing teacher and I am grateful beyond measure for all that I learned throughout my entire homebirth experience.  Thank you Sybille!!!