Samual Augustus Gould was born on October 22nd 2005 at 8:08 PM in his own home on Island 30 miles out to sea. He was a big boy at 9lbs.+, strong, healthy, beautiful and perfect in every way. He was born in our bathtub and spent the first hour of his life in my arms; he then went to his fathers embrace. He was then measured, weighed and given a wonderfully thorough baby exam on our bed right in front of us! Shortly after Brandt served a home made dinner to all, Sybille and her assistant Rachel went home when all of us were settled, and Brandt and I fell asleep curled up in our clean healthy home with our beautiful baby who never had to leave our arms for more than a few minutes until days later.

In the morning I was amazed at how magnificent my childbirth experience was. How I could never explain to anyone what giving birth feels like but I could tell what an incredible Midwife we had and that, for us, the choice to birth at home was by far the best.

Starting with our first pre-natal visit Sybille spent over an hour with us. We spoke in depth about childbirth, home birth, history of birth, books to read on the subject, nutrition during pregnancy, and my husbands two other children and our growing family. Every pre-natal we had was an hour long with plenty of question and answer time, gentle care for me and the baby, consideration and respect for Brandt and a growing friendship with Sybille.

Fast-forward 9 months to when contractions started: a phone call was made and Sybille was on her way! I knew then how lucky I was, my contractions came on hard and strong and if I had had to get in a car, drive to the hospital and wait in Admitting I would have been miserable. Instead I walked around our home, hugged my stepchildren and finally retreated to my bedroom with Brandt, Rachel and Sybille. I drank juice freely throughout labor, walked around, changed birthing positions and decided to get in a warm bath when the going got tough. Sybille was strong and professional, she gave heartfelt encouragement and love, and she allowed the birthing experience to be ours with a gentle helping hand.

All in all I could not have imagined a better, safer and kinder way to welcome my first child into this world. All of us give our love and support to Sybille, if we were to do it again, without question it would be done at home with Sybille.