Fallon on Martha's Vineyard
I have always wanted to give birth naturally and at home. I was living in St. Thomas when I found out I was pregnant, and soon after I realized that was not the environment I wanted to continue my pregnancy and ultimately birth in. So off we went returning to New York, where our families live, but not quite sure where our final birthing place would be. On the advice of my partner’s friend, I went to a nearby clinic in Queens, NY to check on the progress of the pregnancy, and left feeling mortified at how they had treated me, and poked and prodded me with needles. It was around that time that my search for a midwife began.

After deciding to settle on the Vineyard (my birthplace) to give birth, and five months into my pregnancy, we met Sybille. What a breath of fresh air! It was so relaxing to have Sybille come to our house and just sit and talk with us without any medical procedures being done. This, I thought to myself, is who I want to help me birth my child.

Over the next four months or so, we developed a feeling of trust and love for this woman. On September 11, my due date, I went into mild labor. I waited all day to call Sybille (don’t do this for future reference) and she quickly made her journey over to the Vineyard from Nantucket. Sybille allowed my partner and I the space and privacy to labor alone for most of the night, and when contractions became stronger, she arrived right on time with Lila to offer support and prepare the birthing tub. Her beautiful compassionate presence lent strength and courage to me during the hardest contractions, and when a minor complication arose in the final stages of labor, Sybille knew exactly what to say and do in order for the baby to come down my birth canal. I never doubted Sybille’s capabilities, but looking back, it was at that moment that I knew we had made an incredible choice by having Sybille assist me in my 16+hour labor.

Finally on September 12, at 10:12 am, Sybille caught my daughter in her loving hands as she was born and placed her on my belly. We were in love. After her and Lila had nurtured us for so many long hours, they then cleaned up (wow!), and stayed a bit longer to enjoy lunch with our family and friends. I could never thank Sybille enough for allowing us to birth the way we had wanted to and for all of her help and support throughout my pregnancy, She has inspired me to follow my dream of becoming a doula, and hopefully one day a midwife, and we will always consider her an amazing midwife and very special friend!