There aren't many words to adequately describe the sense of empowerment and intense emotional experience that accompany the birth of your first (or any, I imagine) child. The experience I had was so personal and yet felt so universal, so much the role of goddess in everyday woman. My entire pregnancy had been relatively easy, healthy and free of complication, just filled with the excitement of becoming a mother, love for my husband and comfort working with Sybille and Alice. We chose to have the birth at my mother's house because of her large bathtub as we wanted to have a water birth. This however, did not transpire as I happened to be out of the tub (on the toilet no less) when the urge to push arrived. The entire 8 hours of labor had been spent pretty much immersed in warm water with Steve caressing me and encouraging me through the rushes while Sybie and Alice checked on us periodically and my mum roasted a turkey in the kitchen. It was rather festive really, a beautiful warm June day and evening. After a few pushes Sybille got me down on my knees very quickly and in my mind was the thought (shoulder distocia) (too much reading) and I knew I had to push him out now. Which I did. But he was so quiet and just flopped on my back and all I could see was Steve's terrified looking face. No one had actually informed him  how much blood and goo accompanies a child into this world. And then Torin coughed, and Sybie said "your baby's fine you're fine, turn over and hold him" and there is nothing, simply nothing to compare with that moment of first beholding this little tiny being and the immense rush of love. The cord had been wrapped around his neck , Steve told me after, and he said watching Sybie unravel it as he came out was so impressive and reassuring. He needed a little oxygen but he pinked up quite nicely and has been the awesome little guy in my life ever since. We are pregnant with our second now and pretty excited once again.