I was thrilled to have Sybille as a midwife for the birth of my second daughter, Zara.  While my first birth in a New York hospital birth center was a good experience, I knew there were things that could have been better (like not having to drive 40 minutes in transition), and so I was very excited to find a qualified and professional homebirth midwife once we moved to Nantucket.  

I can't speak highly enough of my experience with Sybille.  She was incredibly thorough and provided care at a level that was above and beyond the care I received in my first pregnancy.  At each prenatal appointment, she came to my house and spent at least an hour with me discussing my pregnancy and ideal birth.  She spent time not only getting to know me and my husband, but also our three year old (who was at the birth) and our dog.  

In all of my experiences with healthcare provider, I have never felt more respected as an intelligent consumer or personally cared for.  During the (rather speedy) birth, Sybille made us feel completely safe while respecting my desire to manage my own labor.  She gave me space when I asked for it and provided help when it was needed.  

After my daughter was born, she continued her high standard of care with my daughter and me, and remains in contact with me even now months after the birth.  I can't be more appreciative of Sybille and her support through my pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period.  

If you are interested in reading more about our home birth experience, you can do so on my blog, Au Coeur.   On my blog, I have posts about my prenatal care, preparing a sibling to participate in a birth, safety and supplies, managing pain in labor, Zara’s Birth Story, and postpartum care after a homebirth