My Services
My services provide complete continuity of care throughout the entire childbearing year. At each prenatal visit, my pregnant client can expect to spend one hour with me discussing her health, diet, or particular issues which might affect her, her pregnancy or her birth experience. I also offer childbirth classes in preparation for homebirth. Together with my apprentices we spend nine months developing trust, and getting to know each other fully on both a spiritual and physical level. Our relationship is that of a partnership. Complete honesty is the key to its success. The mother takes accountability and is fully responsible for her health (a practice often overlooked today in our culture) and therefore has an active role in the evolution of her prenatal care and birth experience.

Most potential complications can be determined in advance with diligent and thorough prenatal care, so I carefully look for any potential signs and take measures to correct them before they become a problem. If it becomes necessary, we seek appropriate medical advice. During labor, careful monitoring assures my clients that I am on the lookout for, and able to detect any possible complications before a crisis develops. If we are unable to correct a situation we transport and are grateful for the high level of care available at our local hospital. In addition, I, as well as my assistants, have been trained to deal with sudden or last minute complications that would be considered unexpected in any setting, such as (but not limited to) a tight nuchal cord, shoulder dystocia, maternal shock, or the need for neonatal resuscitation.

After the delivery, we remain with the new family for as long as is necessary to assure that all is well. During the following six weeks we return for regularly scheduled postpartum home visits.

Additional services include:
• Childbirth Preparation Classes (private or group) for home or hospital birth
• Doula Services (Labor support for hospital birth)
• Postpartum Home Services
• Well Woman Care
• Water Births
Placenta Encapsulation (Click for more info)

Assistance and Referrals for:
• VBAC (Vaginal Birth after Cesarean)
• Lactation Consultation

Additional Languages Spoken:
• French and Spanish

Checking newborn Owen Hudson

Getting heart tones for Alice in labor

Checking Molly